Administrative Structure and Functions of Drug Regulatory Authorities in India

We are extremely grateful to all our national and international respondents who devoted their valuable time for detailed interactions with us, and were instrumental in enabling us to develop an understanding of the diverse set of issues in the area of drug regulatory reforms. The research team would like to acknowledge the invaluable insights received from the Advisory Committee of the Research Program on Drug Regulatory Reforms in India throughout the duration of this study. Finally, we are extremely thankful to participants of the Consultative Workshop on Drug Regulatory Reforms in India, held on 1st of May 2015 in New Delhi, where a draft version of this paper was presented. Their comments have been of immense help in improving this paper to its current form. This paper was sent to a number of experts for review. We are thankful, in particular, to Dr. Krishna Ravi Srinivas, Consultant, Research and Information Systems, New Delhi and Dr Dinesh Agarwal, Policy Lead Health and Disease Control, Knowledge Partnership Programme, IPE Global Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, for their very helpful review and comments.