Anti dumping law and practice: an indian perspective

This paper, ‘Anti Dumping Law and Practice: An Indian Perspective’ by Aradhna Aggarwal is part of a capacity building exercise at ICRIER and has been prepared under the guidance and supervision of Professor Mathew Tharakan of the University of Antwerp. The study was part of the research programme on the WTO-related issues, funded by the
Sir Ratan Tata Trust. The subject of anti dumping is very topical and highly controversial. This paper
reviews the anti dumping investigations carried out by the Government of India since 1993 and looks for the economic rationale for levying the anti dumping duty. The author’s conclusion is that, as in most other countries, protection appears to have been the dominant motivation behind the levying of anti dumping duties in India. The paper also highlights the fact that the anti dumping law in India does not require a public interest test for
imposing anti dumping duty.