Burden of Disease and Climate Interactions: An Illustrative Study of Surat City, India

This paper is part of a larger research project undertaken at ICRIER, ‘Climate Change and the Economic Competitiveness of Cities, ’funded by the Rockefeller Foundation (2012 CAC 312). The authors are grateful for the funding which facilitated extensive field work in Surat, and would like to express thank officials from the Surat Municipal Corporation for their time, cooperation and valuable insights. We would especially like to thank Mr. Kamlesh Yagnik of the Surat Climate Change Trust and the South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Mr. Mehul Patel, environmental consultant, formerly with TARU and the Surat Climate Change Trust for their support in the field, help with data and valuable comments and suggestions. We also thank Ted Mansfield and Sandeep Paul for excellent research assistance, and are grateful to Ketan Shah, Ted Mansfield, and our two reviewers, Uday Mishra and Raina Singh for constructive feedback on earlier drafts of the paper.