Climate Change & Technology Transfer – Barriers, Technologies and Mechanisms

In carrying out this research, we have benefited from the experience of various experts in the field and we would like to thank them for devoting their time and energy to engage with us. We would like to thank Dr. Rajesh Katyal (Director General, National Institute of Wind Energy), Mr. R. V. Sundararaman (Director/Engineering, Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission), Prof. Rajan N. K. S. (Chief Scientist, Combustion Gasification Propulsion
Laboratory, Indian Institute of Science), Prof. T. Sundararajan (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras), Prof. P. Balachandra (Principal Research Scientist, Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Sciences), Dr. Jai Asundi (Research Co-ordinator, Centre for Study of Science, Technology & Policy), Mr. R. Kulothungan (Senior Vice President, Biomass Business, Orient Green Power Company
Limited), Mr. Sreekrishna Sankar (CEO, Director, Green Power Systems), Mr. Joseph Vimal Arulappan (CEO, FOV Biogas India Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Yuvraj Sarda (Business Development & Strategy, SunMobility), Mr. Tarun Mehta (Co-founder and CEO, Ather Energy) and Ms. Relina D’Silva (Associate Manager, Ather Energy Pvt. Ltd.) for sharing their expertise in their domains. We thank Dr. O. P. Wali (Professor, Centre for International Trade in Technology, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade), Mr. Nitya Nanda (Associate Director, Resource Efficiency and Governance, TERI), Mr. Souvik Bhattacharya (TERI), Mr. Durgesh Rai (Research Associate, ICRIER), and Dr. Saon Ray (Senior Fellow, ICRIER) for their valuable contribution.