The Untold Potential of India’s Informal Music Industry

We are grateful to the Indian Music Industry for commissioning this important research that is deserving of mainstream policy attention. This research would not have been possible without their support in helping us with data on DJs and brass band players across the country and in organising individual in-depth interviews. We would especially like to recognise the contribution of Blaise Fernandes and Dema Therese Maria from IMI in facilitating this engagement. We are thankful to all stakeholders interviewed as part of this report for their patience and for walking us through the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. We are grateful to our survey partners, IPSOS, without whom the primary survey and focus group discussions would not have been possible. We are grateful to our former colleagues, Rajat Kathuria and Kaushambi Bagchi for conceptualising this study and assisting in its formal takeoff. We are indebted to our colleagues for their unending supply of ideas, helping resolve data gaps and reviewing our work. Finally, we thank our in-house design and administrative team for helping with the aesthetics of the report and Tara Nair for her editorial feedback. All errors remain our own.