The State of India’s Digital Economy Report 2024

Central Message

India’s global ranking significantly improves when the full scope and spectrum of digitalisation is taken into account

Six Takeaways

1. Digitalisation has made dramatic progress, but the way it is being measured has not.
2. Using a new approach, the Connect – Harness – Innovate – Protect – Sustain (CHIPS) framework, the SIDE 204 report benchmarks the scale and depth of India’s digital transformation with respect to G20 countries as well as for the Indian States.
3. India is ranked third at aggregate level and 12th at the user level among the G20 countries,
4. India’s rapid digitalization is being driven by: large base, high growth, facilitated by DPIs, and strong gender and geographical convergence.
5. At the sub-national level, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujarat and Haryana take the top five spots. Dispersion in the level of digitalisation across Indian states is less than that for G20 countries.
6. Organizations preparing global indices should provide both perspectives – aggregate and average user – to obtain a complete picture of a country’s digitalization.