Contribution of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sector to Indian Economic Growth and Atmanirbhar Bharat

India’s aspiration to be a global leader in food processing and non-alcoholic beverages is a core component of the food processing industry. On the supply side, India is the largest global producer of several raw materials such as banana, mango, lime, lemon, papaya, milk and sugar used in manufacturing non-alcoholic beverages. Beverage processing will not only help reduce the wastage in the supply chain but enable the doubling of farmers’ income, create jobs, and enhance investment in manufacturing. On the demand side, with a large middle-class and young consumers who are willing to experiment with different products, India is an attractive investment destination for beverage companies. In the past decade, many global and domestic companies, including start-ups, have invested in this sector and are experimenting with different products focusing on juice-based carbonated drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks.