Asia’s Arc of Advantage India, ASEAN and the US: Shaping Asian Architecture

Th e world is witnessing profound changes due to the sustained growth of several emerging economies in Asia. Th e US National Intelligence Council’s 2012 assessment of global trends concludes that by 2030, “diff usion of power will restore Asia’s weight in the global economy to a level not seen since 1750.” However, this structural shift in global power has yet to be buttressed by shared normative frameworks and security architecture in the region increasingly being termed the “Indo-Pacifi c”, encompassing all members of the East Asia Summit from India east
to the United States. Against this backdrop, the historic India-ASEAN Commemorative Summit was held in New Delhi in December 2012. Th e “Vision Statement” of the Summit underlined the need for a stable and peaceful regional environment, ASEAN’s centrality in open, balanced and inclusive regional architecture, and enhanced India-ASEAN co-operation for maritime security, freedom of navigation, and the peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with international law