Performance of Agriculture in Uttar Pradesh Region – Wise Analysis

The agricultural sector in Uttar Pradesh has a significant impact on the food security of the country. During 2002-03 to 2015-16 (at 2011-12 constant prices), the state registered an agricultural growth of 2.3 per cent per annum. Within the state, there are large regional variations in the growth pattern. For instance, Bundelkhand, a water-scarce region with poor soil quality, registered agricultural growth of 3.7 per cent per annum during the same period, followed by the western region (2.7 per cent per annum), central region (2.6 per cent per annum) and eastern region (1.6 per cent per annum). Although Bundelkhand registered a high growth during the study period, the growth rate has been volatile (measured by the coefficient of variation) due to recurring droughts and scanty rainfall. The average income of the farming household in the state was the lowest in the country at Rs.6,668 per month in 2015-16, indicating the dismal agricultural scenario in the state (NABARD, 2018). Therefore, in the present paper, we examine the region-wise sources and drivers of agricultural growth and recommend region-specific policies to revitalise the agricultural sector and improve farm income across the four regions as well as the entire state. Specifically, using the panel data regressions for the state as well as the four regions during the period from 2004-05 to 2014-15, the study examines what are the key drivers that can stimulate the agricultural growth in the state and the regions towards a high trajectory.