Quantifying the value of an open Internet for India

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Government of the United Kingdom in facilitating this research and the publication of this report. We thank Satya N. Gupta for his invaluable comments along the course of the study. The report in its current form would have been impossible without inputs from our stakeholders- Samiran Gupta, Virat Bhatia, Pronab Sen, Santosh Jha, Sunil Abraham, Helani Galpaya, Osama Manzar and Deepali Liberhan. We are indebted to them for their time and expertise. We thank our former colleague and current friend Sirus Joseph Libeiro, who laid the initial foundation upon which this work has been built. The constant tussle between our research agenda and limitations of data was assuaged to a great extent by the contributions of our diligent interns – Suhail Shersad and Saumya Goel. We are also grateful to all our colleagues at ICRIER for enabling an intellectually nourishing environment that makes such research possible. All errors are our own.