Tanu M. Goyal

The impact of aid or development assistance on the education sector has been explored by various studies for different countries. In the case of some countries, it is found that aid in the education sector has been effective while in others, educational assistance has not had a significant impact. Tilak (1998) points out that the impact of aid depends on the share of aid in the total educational budget of a country. Examining the case of Africa, the paper found that aid had enabled expansion of the work and education system in Africa, where aid constituted a very
high proportion of the total educational budget in the country. The paper further argues that specific and selective aid is considered better than general aid. Yogo (2017) finds that in SubSaharan Africa, aid in the education sector significantly increased the primary school completion rate. Asongu and Tchamyou (2015) also conclude that aid variables have positive effects on primary school enrolment and lifelong learning while the impact on secondary and tertiary school enrolments has not been significant in Africa.