G20 to G21: One Earth, One Family, One Future

The New Delhi G20 Summit was a successful event, showcasing India’s presidency for its inclusiveness and comprehensiveness. After over 200 meetings held in more than 60 cities across the country, the consensus on the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration is a significant step in advancing India’s role in the G20. In the post-Covid era, G20 collaboration is vital in shaping the world’s path towards global economic growth and stability.

In light of this, the G20 leaders commit to taking concrete actions through partnerships for accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth, fully implementing the 2030 Agenda. It includes promoting low-carbon development, improving health preparedness in developing countries, addressing debt vulnerability, increased financing for SDGs, and remaining committed to the Paris Agreement. They also aim to reform Multilateral Development Banks, facilitate digital access, promote quality employment, address gender disparities, and amplify the voices of developing countries in global decision-making. These efforts seek to establish a more people-centric system that promotes global prosperity and well-being (G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration, 2023).