Impact of American Investment in India, A Socioeconomic Assessment

A Socioeconomic Assessment
Saon Ray‚ Smita Miglani‚ Neha Malik
About the Book
India’s economic growth story in the past decade has invited a keen participation by the global investors, manifest in the increasing foreign direct investment flows to India especially, since the mid-2000s. Rise in the direct global inflows has ensured considerable direct as well as knock-on benefits to India. Investment by the United States has been prominent in this regard.This study investigates the socioeconomic impact of American investment in India and identifies the challenges faced by the American investors. A multi-sector survey, based on in-person interviews with the key stakeholders, has been juxtaposed with relevant secondary data to elucidate the spillovers of the direct investment by the US. This may serve as an appealing read for an eclectic audience ranging from academia and research firms, consulting houses to university graduates.