The Issues of Competition in Mainframe and Associated Services in India

The contribution of and Indicus Analytics in instigating and shaping this report is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Bibek Debroy, Jeff Gould, Laveesh Bhandari, Mahesh Uppal, Payal Malik, Rajiv Kumar, Ramrao Mundhe and S.L. Rao for their comments and advice at various stages of the study. To Anubhab Gupta who was an able colleague and willing worker during the initial stages of the study, we owe a debt of gratitude. R V Anuradha and Jitesh Vohra were both generous with their time and vast knowledge of the sector. The assistance of both Tekplus in conducting the primary survey and Gartner for providing us with data and resolving technical queries are deeply appreciated. We also thank all the organizations that never flinched at our demand for data and interviews despite other exigencies. The report would not have achieved its current form without the able and expert assistance of Anil Gupta. We are deeply indebted to him. The usual disclaimer applies.